What Can You Say in 60 Seconds? 

60 Second Transormation 
At the heart of every BNI meeting throughout the world is the "BNI 60 Second Slot". This is each member's opportunity to educate everyone at their meeting - members and visitors alike about their business. Who they are, what they do why they are so good at it, who they are specifically looking for in new business terms (name, title, company) and anything else that would help their fellow members get them those important referrals. 
“Through BNI, I now have a close group of trusted advisors helping me run my business and I’ve developed many new skills, including public speaking and pitching.” Gerry Grant, Tonic Business Solutions, Carnoustie, Scotland 
We’ve all heard of the “Elevator Pitch” but few of us have ever been trained how to prepare one. 60 seconds is certainly not enough time to make a speech but it is often all you have to get your message across to a prospect. That is why BNI have developed a way to maximise your effectiveness in such situations using our succinct 60 second format. 
“BNI has given us structure, training and support - all vital to our business.”  
Lorraine Windsor, The Learning Matrix Limited, London,  
We regularly organise training for all our members to develop their presentations, using memory hooks and other effective methods to ensure that their message is focused and remembered. This has immense practical benefits outside BNI, where in real-life networking situations, a member can use their BNI training to give an instant and concise account of what they do and why customers use them. 
Visiting BNI for the first time? Check out our handy guide which will give you more information on how to deliver a great 60 seconds and get the most out of your first BNI meeting. 
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