The Most Important Meal of the Day 

Most Important Meal of the DayWe have long recognised the need to work smarter. That’s why our meetings generally take place at breakfast, finish before the business day starts and run to an effective 20 point agenda. We don’t come together for a coffee and a cozy little chat. Our sole reason for attending our weekly meetings is to net-WORK to generate more business. 
'It’s not net-sit or net-eat. It’s netWORK!' Ivan Misner PhD, Founder & Chairman of BNI 
You can attend any BNI meeting anywhere in the world and be confident of what to expect because they all follow exactly the same well-structured format and use exactly the same efficient agenda. That’s why BNI works 
so well. 
“BNI generated in excess of £180,000 for us last year alone and is a fundamental element of our business growth strategy.”  
Aimee Timmins, Sharples Group Ltd 
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